Radiofrequency (RF) Safety

UniTech extends its radiological expertise to the emerging field of radiofrequency (RF) safety compliance and protection. UniTech engineers and manufactures protection solutions for a wide range of industrial, laboratory, medical, and military applications, including:

  • RF Garment Sales and Short-Term Leasing
  • RF Shielding for Equipment and Laboratories
  • Military Applications
  • RF Warning and Compliance Signs
  • RF Compliance Training
  • Consulting

UniTech’s 45 years in PPE development afford a distinct edge in protecting personnel and equipment against RF and EME hazards without compromising ease of use. The UniTech Personnel RF program includes a field and lab-proven protective garment system for industrial RF protection, providing an excellent alternative for accessing RF radiation areas that exceed safe unprotected levels. UniTech’s RF garments also minimize propensity to arcing, a field hazard that OSHA cautions is a serious problem present in traditional conductive fabrics.

UniTech’s flame-retardant RF garment has earned worldwide acceptance for more than 15 years and is the first-ever CE-certified protective garment to reduce exposure to high frequency electromagnetic radiation. UniTech’s RF garment construction begins with Naptex PM-30, the most reliable, machine-launderable RF protection fabric available today. The coverall design incorporates the comfort and usability features of UniTech’s proven nuclear protection garments, and the RF hood has been streamlined into a comfortable cover that moves with the head. The soft textile face screen is user-replaceable, and a baseball cap styled brim provides eye shading as well as support for the screen. UniTech’s RF system also includes machine-washable knit gloves and socks.

Because UniTech garments feel like a regular coverall, worker acceptance is excellent. And since they wear well and retain high protection factors over years of use, they are also economical. UniTech RF garments are utilized by organizations worldwide including Deutsche Telekom, Swiss Teracom, BelgaCom, France Telecom, PageNet, Arch, Crown-Castle, and BellSouth.